So what makes us so different? 

Did you know that most probiotic drinks in Australia are dairy based, and that a lot of the probiotics being ingested through these drinks are actually killed by stomach acids? PERKii is different – water based, 5 great tasting flavours, with a progel.pngtechnology designed by scientists at the University of Queensland that protects the 1 Billion probiotics through the stomach, to ensure they get to the gut, to give the user the maximum benefit possible from their intake. 

  • PERKii has patent protected technology that ensures the 1 Billion live probiotics in the drink making it one of the healthiest in the market;
  • The live probiotics are protected through the stomach acids to get the gut where they can effectively do their work
  • PERKii is a world first and will be a new revolution;
  • PERKii has only 26 calories per 300ml serve;
  • PERKii will be launching with initially 5 great flavours
    • Coconut & Lime
    • Raspberry & Pomegranate
    • Green Tea & Elderflower
    • Strawberry & Watermelon
    • Passionfruit & Mango

Beverages have been considered as an effective delivery system of probiotic compared to tablets and solid foods. Current probiotic products in the Australian marketplace are mostly dairy-based products in the form of fermented milk or yoghurt drinks. However, there are segments of the consumer base that cannot tolerate milk or actively avoid dairy in their diet. These probiotic products either do not have live probiotics or the technological edge of being able to keep the probiotics cells alive through passage of the acidic stomach. 

Perkii consumers nowadays are highly aware of the benefits of probiotics and low sugar diet. Perkii is designed as a convenient grab-and-go beverage with the health-conscious consumers in mind. Perkii offers consumers an option to control weight, improve gut health and boost immunity with 1 billion live Lactobacillus casei cells with proven health benefits in a refreshing, light and great tasting low calorie drink.

In Perkii, all of the probiotic cells are encapsulated within gel particles smaller than the width of human hair (<100m). With the patented progel.png encapsulation technology, the probiotics are able to be kept alive throughout the product shelf life and passage through the human digestive system. 

perkii-descript.pngPerkii is a mildy fruit flavoured beverage currently available in 5 different flavours. The Perkii beverages are formulated to have low sugar content, deliver 1 billion probiotics, and 26 calories per 300 mL serving. With the exception of the probiotic, all the ingredients (including flavours and colours) used in Perkii are derived from plants.


The sugar content of Perkii primarily comes from a cloudy apple juice that is used as a base.

The advantage of the progel.png encapsulation technology is evident in the shelf life of the Perkii
 beverage. With the progel.png encapsulation
technology, the probiotics in Perkii are able to
 survive with minimal loss over a 4 month shelf life. This is a significant improvement in terms of cell viability and shelf life in comparison to unencapsulated probiotic cells in other probiotic drinks.




Source: PERKii – Technical Dossier, University of Qld