My Carrot Distributions Order & Delivery Cycle

My Carrot Distributions operates in South East Queensland providing cold logistics deliveries of Beverages (Perkii) & ambient deliveries of Foods and Beverages (Tai | The Giving Tree | Natures Delight Organics). We make every effort to deliver your order in a timely mannor and appreciate your understanding when placing orders. We have two (2) delivery windows, we cannot guarantee a specific time, as we cover a large area with many clients. To help manage this we have strict order cutoff times to allow for administrations and handling of the goods from our wharehouse, please observe these times when placing orders. 



Sunshine Coast - Orders & Delivery

Order By                    Delivery on      Window-1     Window-2

Monday 2pm Cutoff        Tuesday                 8am-12pm        1pm-5pm

Tuesday 2pm Cutoff        Wednesday           8am-12pm        1pm-5pm



Brisbane - Orders & Delivery

Order By                     Delivery on     Window-1     Window-2

Friday 2pm Cutoff            Monday               8am-12pm       1pm-5pm

Tuesday 2pm Cutoff        Thursday              8am-12pm       1pm-5pm



As a distribution business we offer postal services for some of our products, where applicable, we will notify you when the goods have been dispatched (normally within 2 days) and the expected delivery day.